Surface Control Technology Built into OEM Seats!
Standing Riders Use the Power of Their Legs for Maximum Control and Finesse in Any Situation
Standing riders want to control the motorcycle with the power of their legs

For as long as off-road riders have been standing, many have tried to create something that they could use to better grip the bike with their legs.

Steg Pegz has been gaining the approval of riders around the world.

There are also many glue in frame and seat gripping materials that try to help standing riders grip the bike with their legs.

Over 15 years ago a rider at Transworld Motocross fashioned something on a KX250 with pieces of a crossbar pad held to the seat with duct tape.

More recently, Dean Wilson created a seat for riders to grip the bike when standing and Blake Bagget’s designed a seat bump to prevent rider from sliding backward.

This year, Ken Roczne and Hunter Lawrence are racing with small carbon fiber frame attachments for their boots to grip the bike.

Grip the bike with your legs for maximum control and finesse

Grip’n Rip gives riders what they’ve always wanted, the ability to use the power of their legs and core strenght to maintain maximum control. The grips are positioned in the neutral balance point of the motorcycle.

Just like airplanes, off-road motorcycles are also designed with the (CG) center of gravity located in the middle and narrowest point of the motorcycle.

Grip’n Rip Surface Control Technology is built into OEM seats. It enables a standing rider to alternately grip and release the motorcycle with the knees and legs to stop sliding forward and backward, and when the rider is sitting the Grips are comfortable and out of the way.

During decelartion and down hill runs, the rider’s body weight on the grips is transferred downward toward the rear of the front wheel, instead of that weight pushing the handlebars forward and over the front wheel.
Likewise, under acceleration and uphill climbs the rider’s body weight on the grips is transferred downward toward the front of the rear wheel, instead of the weight pulling back on the handlebars and over the rear wheel.
Grip’n Rip seats allows the rider’s arms and upper body to be more relaxed, preventing arm pump, saving energy and providing the ultimate finesse and control of any situation
Racing & Test Riders

Vet Drew Dickson - District 36

2021, I like the seat alot! I definitely have a huge level of control with my legs. On steep climbs, I grab the front seat grips with my knees to keep my weigh over the front of the bike. I use the seat a lot on steep downhills because it lets me take weigh off my hands and gives me better control.

I also like how comfortable it is while sitting. I also raced with this seat at the Supermotos in 2019.

Logan Smith - District 36

2021, I'm definitely a big fan of the Grip'n Rip seats, they are an amazing product. This one has over 50 hours on it and I absolutely love it.

Ryan Frum - District 36

2021, This seat is awesome!

Steve Baum

2018, Steve Baum wins 1st place in his class at Hollister Hills, CA using MX Control Tech Seat.

Eiki Suzumura

2017, Eiki Suzumura and his team from Japan race for Honda. After a 20 minute practice moto, Eiki said he'd like to race with it.


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